• Peter Vodanovich


It has been an awesome season in the Ssang Yong Racing Series and to finish off with two 90 minute endurance races was mega. I shared the drive with Tom Alexander and we both had good pace and we worked well together!


Winning the Ssang Yong Scholarship provided me with the greatest opportunity to progress with my racing career. The scholarship has allowed me to step up from simulator racing to the real thing in a very competitive class - with this being my first full season of racing. The racing at the front-end of the Ssang Yong Racing Series is world class and I have learnt a tremendous amount.

I am truly grateful and will continue to refer to the Ssang Yong Scholarship as the biggest opportunity given to me in my racing career.

Therefore, I can’t thank the following enough:

• Deon and Rick Cooper from Ssang Yong NZ was the main sponsor of the fully-funded Scholarship Ute. They have been nothing but friendly, helpful, and supportive throughout the season, and it’s awesome to say the ‘Ssang Yong Dealer Team’ are real Motorsport enthusiasts.

• The head engineers (Jason and Neil) have been very helpful throughout the season. They have made sure the Actyon Ute is in race-ready condition so big thanks to them!

• There are many more people behind the scene I would like to thank for an awesome season (you know who you are).

• Mark Petch (Racer Products) – Thank you for supporting me throughout the season. In addition to providing me with a flash ‘One-Art’ OMP ‘Scholarship Driver’ suit, Mark has been very helpful, and supportive of my racing. Petch and Alex Whitley took the risk to trust me with the scholarship, despite having little to no prior racing experience.

• Alexandra Whitley - I am stoked to have received the MOST IMPROVED DRIVERS AWARD for the 2017/2018 Season. I wouldn’t have gotten this award without the help of Alex. After winning the Scholarship, my driver trainer Alex Whitley put down some goals for me – to be consistently in the top 10, get on the podium, and get a win! We were able to accomplish this, with many top 10’s, a 3rd in Taupo, and first place at Hampton Downs. Therefore, big Thanks to Alex Whitley for all the effort she has put into making me a front-runner!

Cheers, PVM