• Peter Vodanovich


It is an absolute privilege to have been selected as 1 of 8 participants of the 2018 Elite Motorsport Academy. This prestigious and well-renowned academy is providing me with the opportunity of a lifetime, for which I am extremely grateful.

This week long camp takes place in Dunedin (University of Otago) from the 1st to 7th of July. The programme consists of a range of tests and learning experiences surrounding fitness, nutrition, psychology, media, and sponsorship. What I take away from this camp will ultimately make me a more complete driver – and move me one step closer to my dream! The camp emphasises the significance of the business aspect of Motorsport, and I am looking forward to capitalising on what I can learn.

I find the psychology of motorsport intriguing, and I believe it’s vital to keep your mind under control inside and outside the car – something my past Martial Arts experience has helped me with. Understandably, I’m extremely eager to progress my learning about this discipline even more.

Despite no on-track driving during the camp, the lessons learnt will have a strong correlation to my in-car performance come race day. Discipline concerning fitness, nutrition, race psychology, the ability to communicate well on-camera, and add value to sponsors are all factors that separate the good from the great race-car drivers. This is why my participation in the 2018 Elite Motorsport Academy is such a unique opportunity. I’m so very appreciative of the chance to improve my craft and I can’t wait for it to begin.

I am ready to be a sponge and have my physical and mental limits pushed! I will keep you all updated on my journey through my social media channels – Facebook and Instagram.

I hope to become one of the many memorable names who has risen to prominence after their time in the Academy. My goal is to one day see the name, Peter Vodanovich, become as highly regarded as those of other Elite Motorsport Academy alumni Brendon Hartley, Shane van Gisbergen, Hayden Paddon, and Mitch Evans to name but a few.

My sincere thanks for all your continued support, Cheers, PVM #EliteMotorsportAcademy2018