• Peter Vodanovich


I have arrived back from the week-long academy exhausted but smiling.

It was an absolute privilege to partake in the Elite Motorsport Academy - the best character building challenge since my Martial Arts. The 7 other athletes and I were all pushed to our physical and mental limits, and after putting in my best, I was runner-up for the camp competition. This is a contributing factor to the Ian Snell Grove Trophy award which will be announced next year. I was one of two team leaders and I’m proud to say after ups and downs, we gave it our all and were the overall winning team.

We faced a diverse array of challenges and learning experiences including fitness, simulator driving (the obvious favourite), mental skills, nutrition, media skills, sponsorship, and more... I found some of the experimental results very interesting and I look forward to applying the feedback from those results in my training. I also am looking forward to using the Academy’s generous resources to further progress in key aspects seen in Motorsport athletes.

The lessons learnt at this exclusive academy would be impossible to replicate elsewhere. Therefore I’d like to give a massive thank you to Motorsport New Zealand, the Otago Academy of Sport and all the other organisers and Trustees for making this opportunity happen. I am truly grateful. It’s hard to believe only one and a half years ago I was still sitting in the garage on my simulator, dreaming to be like the athletes who have graduated from this camp.

Finally, I want to give a big thank you to all the other athletes in the ‘Class of 2018’ for making the academy such an enjoyable week!

The academy gave me the opportunity to prove myself, and the knowledge to continue to improve myself in the long-term. It was truly an experience to remember!

Cheers, PVM