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Experience the best simulators in New Zealand on Peter's PRO Racing Sims simulator. This is a private opportunity to get behind the wheel of the best motion simulator New Zealand has to offer to either improve your on-track driving or simply for your enjoyment!


30MIN SESSION: $ 100 

1HR SESSION: $150 


4HR SESSION + Driver Training + Data: $400

Simulation games: iRacing, Asseto Corsa, rFactor2 and more!


The Racing Sims simulator includes: 

  • MOTION: 3 DOF Seat Motion. Tactile feedback through pedals

  • STEERING: LeoBodnar Direct Drive

  • PEDALS: Tilton 600 Series

  • SHIFTER: Jinx V8 Supercar Shifter with ARB & Brake Bias adjustment

  • SEAT: Racetech FIA homologated bucket seat with Head Restraint

  • DISPLAY: Sony Triple Screen

  • PC: RS-Xtreme

To book a session please send an inquiry on the contact page by clicking here.

Alternatively, contact Peter on his Facebook motorsport page. 

Location: Mission Bay Auckland (Full address provided upon booking).

*Please note there is a 120kg weight limit on the simulator*